How Many Books Have I Read So Far? Or, Reading Statistics of a Bibliophage

Even before Goodreads existed, since 2006 or 2007, I started the habit of making a note of every book I read. I was introduced to Goodreads (I don’t remember how I came to know of it) in May 2013, and since then, every little piece of literature I read has been recorded there. This post is about the act and pleasure and geekiness of reading and statistics in terms of genre, annual reads, most-read authors, etc. It does not contain book recommendations.

8 Things I Learnt from 60 Days of Unemployment

I spent the last 2 months unemployed. I left my role as Content Team Lead at on 6 September 2019 without another job offer in hand. These 2 months of unemployment have been very enlightening. Here I share the things I learnt during this period.

4 Useful Chrome Extensions That I Use

Adding extensions to Chrome may increase your CPU/Memory/Disk usage and slow down your system a little bit, but they can be very useful. I use 4 Chrome Extensions that saves me time and makes me more efficient. Let me tell you about them.

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